Girls vs. guys when it comes to dating


Picture this: Cute Dave from Spanish class just asked if you want to go to the movies this weekend. You play it cool and say “yeah sure”, but inside you’re kind of freaking out. A lot of us have been theretrying to hide our excitement about a date with our dream guy. When Saturday night rolls around, you and Dave are both super excited/nervous/every other emotion out there. But how you show it couldn't be more different...

Getting ready

You: Your beau is picking you up at 6 p.m. and it’s already 4. You’ve got two hours to work with. After picking your super cute outfit, you hop into the shower where you brainstrom all the things you can talk about. Once you’re all fresh and clean, you move on to your hair and makeup. Hair dryers, curlers, straighteners, mascara, lip gloss, oh my! After getting ready for what seems like ages, your cutie shows up at your doorstep and you're off.

Him: *Beep beep*. The alarm is going off at 5 p.m, but he’s still half asleep. Twenty minutes later, he wakes up and throws on whatever tee and khaki pants he finds. He slips on some sneakers and is all good to go.

The main event

You: You're finally at the movies. What do you say? What do you do? Just laugh and smile. You decide to share popcorn and then go find your seats. You sit down and all you’re thinking about is trying to keep it together and not embarrassing yourself. Halfway into the movie you tell your date that you’re going to run to the bathroom, a.k.a Snapchat your BFFs on what’s happening. You need to know if the fact that he paid for the snacks is a sign that he likes you!

Him: Before the movie, he’s trying to chat with you in the least awk way, even though we know it’s still kinda awkward. He’s probably digging into the bowl of popcorn during the previews, too, while thinking about when the right time is to make a move and hold your hand.

Saying goodnight

You: You had a great time at the movies and hope your date felt the same way...and wondering if there will be a second outing. As soon as you get home, you start trying to analyze every single thing you said and did, obsessing over each detail. And then the waiting-for-him-to-text game begins.

Him: He’s stressing about how to end the night. Go in for a hug? Maybe a kiss? But once the date’s over, all he is thinking about is texting you in the morningand sleep.

Can you relate? Let us know any other differences in the comments below!

Photo and GIF credit: Wikia, Giphy.


by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 4/20/2018
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