10 ways to show bae that you're thankful for them

It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day or a birthday to show that special someone how much you care. You can show how thankful you are for them year-round with these little gestures. And when your S.O. is happy, so are you! 

Make them a prezzie

That painting you've been working on in art class can be an easy, sweet gift.

Let them pick the next show you binge watch

Nothing says "I'm thankful for you!" better than letting them choose your next eight Netflix hours.

Surprise them with flowers

Flowers brighten up everyone's day.

Text them in the morning

A simple "Good morning, sunshine! 🌞" is sure to start their day off right—and yours!

Write them a poem

Sometimes it's easier to write out how you feel than saying it, and poem's are a beautiful way to do so.

Do something nice for their parents

When you're invited over for their family dinner, a cute card as a thank-you will *wow* both the parents and your bae.

Pick up the dinner tab—

—especially if they're the one treating all the time!

Give them random smooches

It's the best way to say "I'm so glad to have you around" without actually saying it.

Listen to their problems

Actions speak louder than words, so telling someone that you will be there for them when they need you is much different that actually doing so. The next time bae needs a serious vent sesh, put you phone on "Do Not Disturb" and give them your undivided attention.

Just say "Thank you." 

Those two little words are more powerful than you know.

What do you do to show your sweetie that you're thankful for them? Share in the comments below.


by Amy Garcia | 3/13/2018
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