If you think girls fall in love faster than boys, think again

So long are the days of women being called "boy crazy" and "obsessed with love." (Well, we hope.) Recently, Psychologist Marissa Harrison at the University of Pennsylvania State debunked the long-held notion that women are overly-emotional and too attached in a survey. What else did she discover? That, statistically, men fall in love faster than women.

Harrison surveyed 172 college students to assess when they knew they were in love and when they said the ominous “L” word. Her results showed guys reporting they fell in love faster than girls and said “I love you” three times faster than women.

One of the reasons? Professor Harrison explained that women are known to be more selective about who they choose to date. We don’t commonly rush into relationships and, it turns out, men are more attached to women than women are to men. As girls, we tend to value “intense personal relationships” with people other than our boyfriends. Another survey showed 35 percent of women find it extremely important to frequently hang out with their friends, whereas only 23 percent of men agree. When we hang, we talk about our lives, which, in turn, makes us close to these friends in addition to our bae. Guys typically only confide in just their girlfriends, which makes them more dependent on them. The emotional dependency on women causes boys to be more attached to girls and fall for them fast.

Another reason men fall faster than women may be due to society’s view on men and their emotions. Elite Daily said guys “don’t question their emotions” and “don’t have their emotions questioned.” From a young age, girls are taught to question their emotions and what they mean, as opposed to boys, who are taught to honor their “go with your gut” feeling.

For all of the young ladies who are tired of being deemed “crazy” or “overly emotional” for having genuine feelings about someone, it’s time to set the record straight: Boys are emotional, too—and that’s *perfectly* okay.

Why do *you* think boys fall in love faster than girls? Let us know in the comments.

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by Jacqueline Burnett | 2/22/2017
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