How to break the ice with your BF's parents

Here's the sitch: You've been dating this new guys for a few weeks now and everything's going great *until* he invites you over for dinner at his house to finally meet his parents. Then, it's as if butterflies have taken up permanent residence in your tummy. You want everything to go perfectly, and it's easier than it seems. Here's how to break the ice with your boyfriend's parents.

1. Do some prior research
It's good to prepare before you end up on spot at the dinner table and know nothing about his family.  A few days before you're supposed to go over to his house for dinner, ask your boyfriend a few questions about your parents to have some background info on them so you know what questions to ask the day of. 

2. Bring a gift 
Bringing a small hostess gift to his house is a great way to easily break the ice. Not only does it show you care about him and his family, but the gift can also be a great conversation starter.

3. Reciprocate the questions
You're going to be asked as many questions when you meet his parents which is very normal. In order to keep the conversation flowing, it's important to ask them questions as well. Tip: For every question you answer about yourself, you should try to ask the parents at least two questions.

 4. Offer to help out
Parents always appreciate when you lend a helping hand, so offer to help clear the table after the meal or put away dishes after dinner. Whatever you think your parents would appreciate you doing at your house, offer to do the same at his. More than likely his parents will say no, but they'll appreciate the offer.

5. Be yourself  
This is, by far, the most important advice to use. By being yourself, you'll be able to have natural, flowing conversations with his parents, and won't have to worry about maintaining a certain image to please them. Put on your biggest smile, and have fun with it! 

Do you have any tips for meeting the parents? Sound off below!


by Kara Brown | 8/7/2017
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