7 sweet ways to get your crush's attention this Halloween

Halloween is coming up quickly, but the spookiest thing you can probably think of is approaching your crush. But, hey, no more spending Halloween taking your younger brother trick or treating. Let these seven ideas inspire you to turn your crush into your new *boo.* 

1. Trick-or-Treat!
Going trick or treating? Plan a group trick-or-treat outing with your friends and invite your crush. There's less pressure for you two to be alone and you'll be relaxed surrounded by your friends—and, of course, candy!

2. Leave a candy bag on their locker 
Nothing says "I'm thinking of you" like free candy! This thoughtful and *sweet* gesture will have you on your crush's mind for days. They'll be thinking of you when they bite into that fun size snickers during third period, no doubt.

3. Suggest a fun costume duo
Who says two-person costumes are only for couples? Suggest a fun costume duo idea for the two of you. If you're familiar with their interests, try to suggest something related to a show or celebrity they like. It'll show that you're paying attention to their likes and dislikes and you two will be everyone's #halloweengoals. 

4. Invite them over for a Halloween movie marathon
This one's a little more cozy. Get close and get in the Halloween spirit with a selection of classic spooky films. Cue the popcorn, or candy corn and snuggle up during those *super* scary scenes.

5. Ask them to the big Halloween Party
Not trick or treating? Ask them to that big Halloween party everyone's been talking about.

6. If there isn't a party, throw your own!
If there isn't already a Halloween event happening, throw your own! Not only will you get to flex your creativity and hostess skills, but a personal invitation to your own party will definitely make them feel special.

7. Take them to a pumpkin patch
This is a classic date idea because it never gets old. Head out to the pumpkin patch and pick out this year's Jack-'o-lantern, then cozy up with some apple cider on a hay ride. It'll be a fun and relaxed trip that will allow you to get to know your crush, plus plenty of time for Insta-worthy photo ops!

What's your perfect Halloween date? Let us know in the comments.

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by Cydnii Jones | 10/20/2017