Are you making these common dating mistakes?

So you're in a relationship—that's awesome! You may think that actually finding someone who's awesomely right for you was the hard part, but that's really just getting started. Relationships require some TLC to keep them going. And, oftentimes, people make some mistakes when they're new to the dating game. These dating mistakes are pretty common (AKA: you're not alone!). Are you making any of them?

1. You expect them to read your mind. 
If you haven't already noticed, you'll soon find that teen guys are not as emotionally mature as teen girls. So, they may not notice your one word texts or frosty glares as signs they've done something to upset you. The solution: Tell your guy what's on your mind! If something upset you, maybe say, "Listen, what you said/did just now really hurt my feelings." Approach the conversation with honesty, and he's sure to understand and apologize. 

2. You ditch your squad as soon as you start dating.
When your crush finally turns into your BF/GF, it's pretty normal to want to spend all your time with them and bask in the glow of your newly found coupledom. However, you've got to remember to balance time with your sweetie with time with your BFFs. You don't want to make them feel left out or like you don't want to be their friend anymore. One solution? A group hang out with your BFFs and your BF/GF and their friends so everybody is in on the action.

3. You're reading into that one-word reply.
There may be times when you don't get a reply from your cutie, or—even worse—you get the dreaded "k." text. Don't freak out. If you know you haven't done anything on your end, chalk it up to business. They could be spending time with their family or friends or focusing on homework. 

4.  You're playing games.
No, not like Monopoly. We mean emotional games. Sometimes, girls and guys in new relationships follow a set of "rules" they've made for themselves. For example, if you never text your guy first or expect them to initiate and plan all dates, you're definitely playing games. Why is this bad? You can't play a game that only one of you knows the rules to. Your BF/GF may be wondering why you are never reaching out, or thinking that your lack of initiatives means you aren't interested. The solution? Just communicate and be honest. 

5. You think of your relationship as the end all, be all.
Relationships can add positivity to your life, but they shouldn't be your whole life. Don't lose sight of the things you cared about before you started dating. You two should still have separate hobbies and interests that allow you to live independently from one another. If you think of your relationship as the most important part of your life, you'll be super upset over every small fight, and suddenly, things won't feel so fun. Remember: Your guy or girl should be part of a balanced life, not your whole life.

What do you think, GL girls? Are you making any of these dating mistakes? Let us know in the comments!


by Linda Horn | 11/17/2017
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