9 things you *shouldn't* do on your first date

Preparing for a first date can feel nerve-wracking. So many things could go wrong: a bad joke, awkward silence, an embarrassing fall! While some are unavoidable, there are plenty of mishaps that can be thwarted. Check out these nine don'ts and the do's you should replace them with.

Don't order the most expensive meal

If you can't afford it, don't order it! This is also not the perfect time to try a new dish—the last thing you want to do is rush to the bathroom, leaving your date in the dust. DO: Check out the menu online beforehand for prices and dishes you might like, and stick to what you know. You don't want to be surprised when the food and bill comes out. Which leads to...

Don't go without money

Don't expect your date to pay for your meal or activity. You don't want to be *that* girl who makes that assumption and ends up in a sticky—and awkward!—sitch. DO: Make sure you have enough money to last throughout the night. You know, in case you want to cancel the date early and grab dessert with your besties.

Don't be closed-minded

Give your date a chance. Maybe he's not wearing a super stylish or sophisticated outfit, or maybe he didn't come to your doorstep with flowers. He could be just as nervous as you. The goal of the first date is to get to know each other more, not be linked together for the rest of high school. Maybe he chose ice skating, but you like bowling. Whatever the case may be...DO: Try to keep an open mind throughout the date.

Don't Snapchat eveything

There is a time and place for everything. If you're trying to get to know your date, let her at least remember your face, and not the back of your phone case. You don't want your followers to think you're having so much fun, when your date isn't. DO: Put the phone down, and enjoy your date!

Don't share too much information

Do you have the tendency to overshare your personal life when you feel the conversation dwindling down, or when you're super nervous? Be sure you aren't overwhelming him with endless droning on about your cat, Cuddles (who should *totally* have his own Instagram account!), or treating him like your psychologist (Sarah hasn't talked to me in a week! She says I don't listen to her problems. What do *you* think?). DO: Keep the conversation casual.

Don't be rude

There are a lot of ways you can come off rude during a date: ignoring them, not letting them speak, not being appreciative of their efforts and more. Being rude is just a turn-off! Think about it: How would you like it if your date only talked about herself and didn't ask a single question about you? DO: Keep a positive attitude. Remember, your date is most likely just as nervous as you are; so work to keep the both of you feeling comfortable.


Don't talk about your ex

You're moving on to better things! Don't use this time to vent about your exes, or compare them to each other. Nobody wants to hear about that—it's *awkward* and may mean that deep down, you're not ready to date again. DO: Focus on the future which is right in front of you!

Don't overdress

You shouldn't have to choose between impressing your date and feeling comfortable. If you don't normally wear heels or makeup, don't. Try to stay as true to yourself as possible. DO: Plan your outfit based on where you're going. You want to make sure y-o-u feel comfortable throughout the date.

Don't get ahead of yourself

This is the first date, not the wedding ceremony. Don't get ahead of yourself, dreaming about your future marriage and life with her. Not only is it going to overwhelm her, but it's a little unrealistic and puts too much pressure on the present moment. Don't let that cloud your judgement. DO: Stay realistic and level-headed about your intentions of the first date.

What do you do on a first date that makes you feel super confident? Let us know in the comments below!


by Toyin Akinwande | 2/28/2018
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