Find out if they're into you based on body language alone

Forget everything you've heard about nonverbal cues being irrelevant. While body language is subtle, it is extremely complex. Simplicities like eye contact and reaching for the door are extremely powerful. Tune into your crush's body language to find out whether they're into you or simply being friendly.

They maintain eye contact.
During conversation, pay attention to how much eye contact your crush maintains. The more eye contact a person makes in an interaction, the more interested they are in what you have to say. A research study showed couples who maintained more eye contact over a period of time reported "significantly higher feelings of affection."

You always hear them saying your name.
When someone is interested in you, they say your name quite often. It's natural to want to say the name of the person you're crushing on. There is a big difference between "How are you?" and "How are you, [insert name here]?"

They go out of their way to spend time with you.
People prioritize the ones they love. Does your crush enjoy your company more than they dislike American Idol? Probably. Pay close attention to whether your crush is willing to rearrange their schedule to hang out with you.

They laugh at all of your jokes.
Whether it's a nervous giggle or a genuine reaction, laughing at everything you say is a sign they like you for you. After all, don't you chuckle at your crush's silliest puns? Try cracking a dry knock-knock joke. (For research purposes, of course). If they're into it, they're into you.

Do you interpret body language? How do you show your emotions through nonverbal cues? Let us know in the comments!


by Julia Bonney | 3/25/2018
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