Springtime activities for you and your bae

Spring is *finally* here after what felt like a super long winter. We're excited to spend weekends reading outside as we soak up some rays, relaxing beneath the trees after a long run and watching the sunset as we wind down from the day. But more so, we're excited to go out on those perfect spring dates. Hiking, bike riding and rollerblading with our crushes are just a few of the endless opps we have. Looking for a fun first date with your crush? Or need a new outdoor idea to do with your BF? We've got you covered with our favorite springtime date ideas.

Go hiking
Hike a mountain or walk a trail. Who would refuse a beautiful, outdoor, *free* activity? (We sure wouldn't).

Get your game on with geocaching
Have you ever tried geocaching? It is like, Pokémon Go, but instead of finding something virtual, you find something real. Grab your date and try it together.  

Go on a skate date
You have two options here: rollerskating or skateboarding. If you are up for it, you could do both.

Go for a bike ride
If you love bike riding, so why not share this activity with your bae?

Run a 5K
When we think of spring, we think of color, right? Well, with a color run, you can make a memory out of it as well. But if you aren't up for the mess, we totally understand, instead run a trail, or a race without the colors. 

Enjoy a picnic
Pack your favorite lunch and head outdoors. Food + warm weather + BAE = the perfect day. How could anyone pass that up?

Go on endless adventures
If you're still looking for something to do, ask yourself this: What can I do in my town, or city, that my date would love, too. Make a game out of it and find forgotten locations that'll feel new to you.

What's your favorite outdoor activity? Let us know in the comments below.


by Alyshia Hull | 4/3/2018
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