Single? You'll *definitely* relate to this...

Being single has its perks (hello, summer flirting), but it's not all double-scoops of strawberry ice cream with sprinkles. One day you’re glad to be free from all the stress of having a S.O., and the next you're wishing you had someone to hold hands with during the fireworks. You aren’t alone, sister. We're spelling out the ups and downs of single life.

Good: You are completely BF-drama free. No stress over here!

Bad: On the other hand, you don’t have someone to go on dates with.


Good: You’re more focused on your goals than texting a BF all night.


Bad: But of course, you don’t have a crush to text all night long.


Good: You don’t depend on anyone to make you happy. 


Bad: It can get kinda lonely when all your BFFs are out with their dates.

Good: No stress trying to analyze someone else's emotions and thoughts.

Bad: But, no cutie to cuddle when you're sad.

Good: You LOVE your BFFs and they *always* have your back.

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So, what's your fave part about being single?


by Joy Cato | 7/31/2018
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