When is it the right time to say the "L" word?

You and your boo might be at the point in your relationship where you feel so comfortable with each other, light up when anyone mentions their name and swoon any time you're together. Does this mean you're in love? Should you be the first to say it? Or is it too soon? No need to worry because here are some signs that it’s the right time! 

1. You guys have been dating a good amount of time (maybe 2-3 months). 
2. He makes you happy in all sorts of ways. 
3. Your gut is telling you to. 
4. He does grand gestures without being asked to. 
5. He always asks if you’re okay. 
6. You both talked about a future together. 
7. He has ambitions for himself. 
8. He has goals for you both in his future. 
9. There have been moments where the time felt right.

With some of these signs, you can decide if it is the right time to say “I love you” to your bae. Don’t fret if they don’t say it back. Just let them know how you feel because the key in relationships is to be honest! 

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by Rachel Shvalb | 6/11/2018
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