How to have the best solo summer ever

There's no better time to be single than the summer. Sure, cuddling up in front of a bonfire might seem like the best way to end a gorgeous vacation day, but rolling solo is secretly amazing during summer break. Here's how to make the most of your single status.

Learn to play a new instrument. You know how every summer flick has a scene with a cute guy strumming a guitar. Don't dream about him, why not be the star yourself? With YouTube videos, it's easier than every to learn an instrument. (Hint: we've heard the ukulele isn't super hard to pick up.)

Experiement in the kitchen. Make fresh fruit smoothies every a.m. or cook a three course-dinner for the whole family. Upping your cooking game is fun, and a serious life skill worth mastering. 

Fill an entire coloring book yourself. It's super relaxing, and you'll have some pretty pics at the end of it. Plus, we bet your brain will solve some problems while you're scribbling away.

Tie dye something other than a t-shirt. It's just the kind of messy fun that's perfect for a summer afternoon. We love shibori, but traditional tie dye is also having a moment this season. (Check out this easy pillow DIY.)

Make some extra cash. Instead of draining your savings on yet another pair of sunglasses, why not figure out a savvy way to rake in some extra green? Offer to take care of your neighbors' pets while they're on vacay, launch that babysitting business, pick up a part-time job at the local pool, host a yard sale, etc.

Create a list of life goals. If a bucket list for your whole life seems too intense, limit it to the summer or the rest of the year. But let yourself dream BIG ... you'll be happy you did in the long run.

Master a fitness goal. Whether you wanna run a Labor Day 5K or to up your yoga practice from sometimes to every morning, now's the time to get sweating. You can accomplish a lot in the next few weeks, especially if you pair up with a friend.

Write a letter. Yes, a real, old-fashioned, send-it-with-a-stamp letter or postcard. Send it to a faraway friend or a relative you don't see as often. Got a grandparent you love, who lives far away? Make a promise to yourself to send one real piece of mail to them a month.

Camp out. A night under the stars is a summertime must. Pitch a tent with your BFF or simply drag your sleeping bags out onto the porch (make sure it's not going to rain). Try to name some constellations, watch the fireflies and just take in the awe-inspiring night sky.

Toss a just-because party for your friends. It doesn't have to be anything big. Come up with a theme (ahem, ice cream??) and invite a few friends over to catch up about all the highs and lows of summer so far. Pass the sprinkles!

Let us know what other fun activites you will be doing this year to have the best summer ever.


by Keri Luise | 7/22/2018
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