10 times Twitter *totally* understood what it's like to have a crush

If you're crushing hard on the cutie who hasn't even learned your name yet, you're not alone. Whether your crush is your bestie since preschool or the sweetie that glanced at you once in math class, rest assured knowing that everyone has essentially the same struggles as you when it comes to crushes.

1. Hi, this is me

2. Sometimes, it's not even about lasting forever

3. When your crush is taken

4. Priorities, you know?

5. Like, what does that even feel like???

6. When u crush on urself

7. Uhm, excuse me?

8. V. soft

9. This pup is all of us

10. Someone plz explain

What's your funniest advice about having a crush? Share your stories with us below!

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by Logan Potter | 2/5/2019