Longest Crush Ever!

I’ve liked this boy since the third grade (now I’m in seventh!). I’ll call him Jack. It’s pretty obvious to everyone that I’m crushing on him, except to him at least.

This other boy named “Bob” and his friends always tease me about it. They’re always asking me, “Will you go out with Jack?” And at dances they try to make me dance with him and I end up not having a good time because they’re pestering me.

Bob also shouts in the hallway that Jack wants to go out with me and it’s really embarrassing. Then everybody starts to shout together, “Sarah likes Jack…Sarah likes Jack,” and my crush just blushes and so do I. This makes my crush act really weird around me. What should I do?

-Sarah B

Dear Sarah B,

I think you may have set the record for the longest crush ever! J/k. Jack must be an awesome guy, so I think it just may be time to confront Jack with your feelings. Don’t let Bob and his friends ruin your chances. If Jack knows how you feel, there will be no reason for Bob and his friends to tease you. And you never know what might come out of it. Possibly a BF!

If you aren’t ready to directly tell Jack how you feel, one step you could take would be to panic…I mean, party at the disco with Jack. I know it’s going to take a lot of guts, but I’m sure you have it, so just go for it. At the school dances, let that funky fresh personality shine on the dance floor and show him you know how to have fun. School dances are supposed to be good times.

If you utterly, completely and totally aren’t ready to tell Jack how you feel, then simply ignore Bob and his friends. Perhaps, after a while, they will see that you are not bothered by what they are saying and they’ll drop it.

Hope this helped and remember: you must have fun at the next school dance!

8/29/2008 4:35:00 PM
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