GIRL TALK: Catchin That Chorus Cutie

There’s this boy I like, and he doesn’t plan on going to any dances. I haven’t gone to any either, but, it’s because of not being able to be picked up. He is a really sweet boy, and I really like him! I don’t know what else to turn to. I don’t think he has an email address, and I’m not allowed to get boys’ phone numbers yet. He is a real fun-loving boy, and how am I supposed to ask him?

This isn’t really related to the subject, but, every time something unexpected is said by the teachers, or an announcement that sounds kinda weird is said, we always (no exceptions)look straight at each other, as if we’re waiting for each others reaction. Does this mean he likes me back, or, I don’t know! Even during class, he will just look at me, or what I’m doing.

At a concert our chorus was doing for the parents not too long ago, we were all told to head straight for Chorus room upon our arrival. I was one of the last to arrive, and I put on concert attire, as told. I finish, and we’re rehearsing the final song before we get to talk some more. The song ends, and I’m standing behind the back row, in the row he’s sitting in. He looks my way, leaning out, trying to get a good view of something. Not wanting to get in his way, I take a step forward, he leans even more. There was nothing in the halls, all the band kids had gone to the stage. I give him a look, he must’ve been staring at something, and it wasn’t the hallway. Does this mean he likes me, because he’s sending mixed signals?
My best advice is to casually chat him up and take it slow. He seems to be a bit shy, which isn't a bad thing if you know the right way to handle it. Since your cutie won't be attending any dances try asking him for his phone number,e-mail or screen name. Most guys want to approach girls but they're just waiting for a sign and it seems to me that your dude is dying to make a move. So, what're you waiting for? If you get your guy on the line keep the conversation fun and ask him about his interests. That way, when it's time to take the next step (asking him out) you'll have a good idea of what to suggest. If he talks about his favorite movies, suggest a movie night. Does he like being outdoors? Suggest a fun outdoor activity like going for a bike ride. You get the idea. Good luck and keep us updated. I hope you get some other good advice too!

Much Love,

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10/27/2008 5:50:00 PM
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