GIRL TALK: I Never Get To See My Crush!

O.K. I like this kid named Noah and he comes to band, but he is home schooled. So, the only time I get to see him is at band. But he is soooo quiet and he only has one friend. His friend says that he doesn’t talk about girls at all and we are all like 13!!! The only problem is that he is super shy and I can’t talk to him. Yet I can talk to any other guy about anything as if I have known them forever. I am also the only girl who likes him! I think he is so cute but all my friends think he is weird and not cute. What should I do? How should I start a conversation with him?

This is an interesting situation and the thing that you need to focus on is taking advantage of the time that you DO get to see him. If you can't think of things to talk about with him, talk about the one thing you have in common, band practice. Ask him how his school work from home is going. After you get past the initial step of just talking to him, it will come easier and you can extend your friendship (or maybe more) further. Ask him what he does on weekends and see if you can hang out together.
P.S.- You being the only girl who likes him is a good thing. That way, when you dazzle him, you will be the only girl he sees. Your friends not liking him isn't bad either, they aren't the ones who have to like him. You are.

Much Love,

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11/3/2008 4:06:00 PM
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