GIRL TALK: Something To Remember You By...

I have a major crush on this guy. He likes me back, but next year is middle school and we go to schools in different towns! What should I do? Can you help me? Thanx!


My advice to you is make the most of the year that you have with him before he goes to middle school. Leave him something to remember you by. That means, chat him up as much as possible, find out his summer hang outs and meet up with him. Set yourself apart from the crowd by being yourself. If he already likes you back, it shouldn't be that hard of a task! Just stay in touch with him. If he goes to another school, check out his school sports teams. He'll most likely be at the games. Hopefully by that point he'll be inviting you there with him!

Much Love,

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1/5/2009 10:00:00 AM
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