GIRL TALK: A Singing Scoundrel Is Her Best Friends BF!

I think one of my best friend’s boyfriend is flirting with me. I have music appreciation with him, and whenever we have to sing a love song, he sings it right to me, and he always sits by me, when there are like five other of his guy friends in there.

-Infinity Xs n Os,


Hi Ali!

Sounds like a classic case of a player-in-training. I feel that you already know this is wrong and he shouldn't be thinking about you, let alone singing you love songs! Since you seem so completely loyal to your friend, I don't even need to tell you that dating your BFF's dude will likely end in catastrophe.

Now, all you need to do is let him know your not interested. The easiest way to do this is completely ignore him. If he asks why he's not getting a response from you, let him know how un-cool his behavior is toward you, and that you respect your best friend's friendship enough, to not compromise it by flirting with him. He'll get the hint that his attentions are unwanted.

If you feel that it's necessary to tell your friend, you may want to consider it. Girls usually don't like to hear that their guy has a wandering eye though, and she may get offended or even deny the truth. Let her know that you care about her and her feelings, and that you thought she had a right to know.

I hope that helps! Remember, good friends are friends till the end. Don't let some scheming stud get in the way of that.

Much Love,

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1/5/2009 4:45:00 PM
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