How Do I Tell Him That I'm Crushin'?

Can you guys please help me with this? I like this guy, but he doesn't like me back. I just want to tell him I like him, because it's hard to keep this a secret. But how am i supposed to tell him? Anything i can think of would just be REALLY awkward. Can you guys help me out? Thanks!
Hey, DQ!
Here's my advice. Don't come straight out and tell him you like him. I know it's tempting. You're sitting there staring at your crush with a million thoughts racing through your brain...
He's so cute! I love that shirt! Is he flirting with me? Does he like me back?
The frustration and anticipation of that last question is enough to drive any girl crush-crazy. But here's the problem: sometimes guys (and even some girls) freak out when you tell them you like them.
Maybe it has something to do with the thrill of the chase. Or maybe it just puts them on the spot. If they don't like you back (or even if they do), this can be an embarrassing moment that makes it difficult to get a straight and thoughtful answer back.
My gut says, if he likes you, you already know it. (This can be a little trickier if he's your BGF or something, because obviously he likes you!) But if you're fairly sure this guy doesn't share your feelings (at least not yet), there's no point in telling him. The sitch could get awkward and you'll end up closing the door on getting to know him better – and letting him get to know you!
My suggestion: keep your crush quiet and get your FLIRT on. You may be just one study hall, group date, or pep rally away from catching his attention - or finding out you like someone else even more!

jessica b.

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2/9/2009 4:16:00 PM
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