My Crush's Friend Thinks I'm Fake!

OK, I like this guy at my school and he likes me. Sounds great right? Well first of all his best friend practically hates me and thinks I'm “fake” for no reason I hardly even talk to his best friend!
PLUS he (the guy that I like) thinks that I like his best friend as well as him just because im trying to prove that I'm not fake! Now he wont ask me out now because he thinks that since I'm making such a big deal out of his friend thinking I'm fake that it means I like his best frind which I dont! Please help!
-boycrazybabe '
Hey babe. First things first, why do you care so much what your crush’s friend thinks of you? Obviously your cutie doesn’t think you’re “fake” because he likes you back. So to quote, things ARE great. Don’t let some dudes negative attitude ruin your chances with this guy.
I can totally see how your crush thinks you like his friend over him if you’re putting so much of your time and effort to change his mind. Instead of using that energy for this bad news boy, use it to show your guy how much you like him. Although ideally it would be great if his friends were supportive and encouraging of your budding relationship, we can’t always have it all. Concentrate on what your cutie thinks of you, not his friends.
You never know, his friend might come around once he gets a chance to know you better. But even still, as long as his opinion of you doesn’t hinder your relationship with your crush, it shouldn’t matter. We can only be who we are and surround ourselves with people who accept us as is.



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3/23/2009 7:00:00 AM
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