Love Letter Written All Wrong

My BGF and I have always had a small crush on each other but one day the love note I wrote to myself was given to someone who found it on the floor and it had his name on it. But, it was never meant to see light of day!

When I went to go sit by him he was laughing and told his friends how corny it was. They all laughed and pushed me back and forth they waved the letter in my face until I cried. I ran to the bathroom and stayed there  all lunch period.

The next day I was sick so I stayed home (thank god) and my friends told me he was looking for me like a dog and had a scared look on his face. The next day he was normal and no one ever said anything again but some people that I don’t know look at me weird. Do you think he told and they are keeping it on the down LOW? Or do you think he told everyone he was kidding? Either way, should I ever tell him that I love him?


Hi hunnie!

Wow. Not only is that dramatic, it's super embarrassing. I think that your guy seems fairly honorable. I don't think that he showed the note to anyone but his friends. However, his friends might have told some tales. Then again, those weird looks you’re getting could be just your paranoid imagination. I always feel like I’m getting looked at funny when something embarrassing happens to me too. If things seem back to normal don't sweat it. It will blow over in no time, I promise. Those looks will stop and soon enough you'll go back to your daily routine.

About the other side of your story...Your BGF may in fact like you, but I don't think he's ready to hear I love you yet. He still seems on the immature side. Give him a year or so until he grows up. Then he may grow to be more than just a friend. Since he was so worried about you when you weren't at school the next day, it shows that he really cares about you. I hope everything works out. Just keep a smile on your face and chin up.

Much Love,

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3/30/2009 7:00:00 AM
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