Is Texting Spelling Trouble!?

I have an issue. I like this guy, and we text back and forth, but my bro is his friend and says he gets annoyed when I send a long text. But he's the one who asks me questions.

My bro told him I like him, and he said he understands why I talk to him so much, but I only talk to him for like about a half hour to an hour once a week or so. So, I like to talk to him. Plus he's really nice to me, and whenever he's over, he and my bro come and watch TV with me, and he sits next to me, not my bro.

I don't get how he's getting annoyed if he says he understands why I talk to him, or when he's wicked nice to me all the time. Is my bro maybe just lying? Or should I back off and cut off all forms of communication, just incase my bro’s telling the truth!?


Hey there, Dondeesta!

Crushing on your brother’s friend, huh? Sounds like the oldest one in the book! The idea of an older guy is way cool, but a friend of the family can be dangerous territory. You’re never too sure who they’re coming to see or which relationship they care about the most. Pretty confusing stuff! But still, they always seem to catch your eye….

You bro probably feels like he’s caught in the middle. While he wants his friend to get the girl, he also wants to protect his little sister. Maybe he’s not the best person to go to on the subject, because he clearly can’t pick a side. If his friend doesn’t seem annoyed and continues to talk to you then there’s no problem. Go with what you feel is right. If you’re uncomfortable with the fact that your brother’s not supportive, then cut it off, but if things seem to be going smoothly there’s no reason for you two not to be friends.


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7/6/2009 7:00:00 AM
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