Summer Love: Where the guys are!

Stumped on places to meet a summer squeeze? We’ve got the top warm weather hottie hangouts.

Tons of boys with great bods (Michael Phelps, anyone) plus it’s a great place to flaunt your fab figure!

How to get this guy…
See him doing lotsa laps around the pool? Next time he takes a break, say hi and ask if he’d like to join you for a snack to up his energy. Is he relaxin’ and catching some rays? Ask if you can snag some of his sunscreen since you “forgot” your own. Or diggin’ the dude who’s on the high dive? Hit him up for some pointers then challenge him to a diving contest!

Outdoor concert
It’s no secret that studs love rockin’ out to tunes. Bonus? You can bust out all of your new dance moves!

How to get this guy…
Is he jammin’ out and singin’ along in the audience? Catch him in between sets and say, “They’re awesome. ‘So in Love with Summer,’ is so my fave song! What’s yours!?” Is he the dude with all the right dance moves? Boogie by his side and impress him with a groove of your own. Bonkers for the band’s bassist? Wait ‘til he’s done, then compliment the cutie on how well he did out there. If all else fails, offer him a bottle of H2O—he’s probably thirsty!

Baseball, tennis, shooting hoops—they all equal guys galore. So put on your sweetest sundress and way-cool wedges and get ready to cheer the boys on. Even better, impress your sporty sweetie with your own free throws!

How to get this guy…
Got your eye on the captain of the kickball team? Casually stroll by after and compliment his home run. Spy a guy who’s got totally awesome tennis skills? Start up a game with your girls on the court and ask for pointers on your serve. See a pooch lovin’ lad around the park? Gushing about his cute dog and then playing with the pup is a perf way to start things up.

An outdoor eatery
The local burger joint, pizza parlor and ice cream stand is sure to be swarmin’ with sweeties grabbing a bite after the beach.

How to get this guy…
Is the cutie chowing down on a yummy burger? Go up to him and say, “Hey that looks great! What’s on it?” Just ordered your fave slice at an Italian eatery? Bite into it and ask the boy next to you, “This is delicious! What did you order?” Stumped on what flavor ice cream to order? Quiz the
hottie in front of you about his fave flavor ‘cause you need a recommendation. And maybe if you get lucky, he’ll share some of his scoop with you!


by Cait Rohan | 2/1/2016
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