My 'Rents Won't Approve...

My prob is that I really like this guy but he is a different race than I am. My 'rents don’t think I should date him. He liked me for about three months.
I saw him at church and he smiled at me the whole time. does he like me?He is funny nice and he won’t make fun of people just 'cause other people are doing it.
But my parents won’t like him. Can you help me?
    - John Cena Luvr '

Hey Girl,

It sounds like this dude is definitely crushin'. Talk to your parents about this guy, explaining what a great boy he is (tell them how he doesn't make fun of other people!). Be respectful, even if they give you an answer you don’t like.

If they won’t budge, enjoy just being friends with him. Although you may want to be able to date him, you do need to follow your parents’ rules and respect their opinion. Hopefully, since they'll see what a great guy he is and how mature you can be handling the matter, and they may eventually change their minds.


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7/20/2009 7:00:00 AM
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