Summer Love? Not So Much!

I need some help. OK, there is this guy that likes me and I like him…we are like best friends. We’ve been out before but it didn’t work 'cause we were both too shy. Now, he likes me again and I (think) like him again. (It's just that there are a couple of guys that I almost like and I don't wanna be tied down to just one guy all summer.) So, for like that past six days, he's been saying to people that he's going to ask me out, but he hasn't yet, I'm sure it's 'cause he's shy…

But the thing is, I like him but I don't really want to be his girlfriend… call me crazy… but I don't even know why I don't want to be his girlfriend. There's this guy that I almost like and I wouldn't mind being his girlfriend. The thing is, when he does finally ask me out, and I say no, I will seem like a total jerk, since my friend told him I liked him.. which I half do. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO!

Part of me says, "Take the chance for a boyfriend while you have it right in front of you!" (I regret a lot of things, so I'm always trying not to miss a chance for anything out of fear of regretting it.) But another part of me says, "Don't do it if you have your eye on other guys!" He's also moving this summer! But.. I would also be a jerk if I went out with a different guy (there's a guy that I think likes me and I sorta like him…well a li'l more than just sorta…) I NEED HELP! and sorry, this is long..

    - Hippie '

Dear Hippie,

Woah, girl! It sounds like you have spent a lot of time thinking about this! Even if he hasn't asked you out yet, its great that you're thinking about how you're going to respond now so that you're not put on the spot later. When it comes to relationships, I say if you have any doubt in your mind that it isn't going to work out, odds are that it won't.

First of all, you said that you already have your eye on another guy, and dating someone else isn't going to make you forget about him. Being unfaithful to a relationship before it even starts doesn't sound too good to me! Also, you shouldn't feel bad turning a guy down. If you're not fully into it, you're doing him a favor by saying "no" now, instead of breaking his heart later. And sweetie, HE'S MOVING! Getting involved with him now, knowing that its going to have to end in just a few short weeks, is so not worth it.

If he does get the nerve up to actually ask you out, just make sure you're honest with him. Tell him that you do like him, but being in a relationship with time limits is setting yourself up for heartache, and that's not something you want to knowingly do. He should understand, and he'll probably agree! Who would want to HAVE to break up with an awesome GL Girl like you? Summer is the time for love, not loathing! Put yourself in a position where you know you'll be happy.


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8/3/2009 7:00:00 AM
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