Summer Love-o-meter

Will your summer love pass the test once the first bell rings?
Or is your warm weather romance better off left on the beach?

Summer Love #1: Camp Crush

The good news is you guys have all the same interests. Since ya attended the same camp, your hobbies are probably totally in sync.

The bad news? If it was a sleep-away sitch, this fella could be far away! Depending on how close this cutie is determines your potential for longtime love. If he's a long distance dude (say more than half-an-hour away from home) keep in touch via text, email and phone calls. You could get together a few times...but don't expect a real relationship.


Summer Love #2: Different Crowds

So what if your dudes a little different from you?! You could be branching out and gaining new buds and hobbies—fresh school year, fresh start.

But...what if Mr. Popular pulls a total snub once school starts? If he starts acting super shady on the first day of school, dump that so-not-worth-it dude ASAP. Fallen for the class braniac and afraid some peeps won't get over it? Puuuh-lease. Let your best buds gradually get to know this guy. They'll see how adorable his sense of humor is in no time.


Summer Love #3: Vacation Relations

Fell for that surfer sweetie when you spent a week at the shore? Sure, it's awesome to spend a few days holding hands, eating ice cream and watching sunsets, but vacations (sadly!) always end.

Summer flings—like summer vacations—aren't meant to last. That doesn't mean you have to cut off all communication from your cutie once you're back from basking on the dock. Get his digits, screenname and email and drop him a line every once in a while. There's always next summer!


Summer Love #4: Rival Schools

You met at your town's movie theater on a rainy day and he was sooo much cuter than even the hottest of the hotties you've seen roaming your halls year round. So what if his school rules in soccer?

If you guys are just a few towns over, you could def work it out. Try talking a few times during the week. Set up a specific time every day when you can give him a ring, and spice it up with a cutesy Facebook or text every once in a while. And there's always the weekends. Just don't um, wear your Red Devils sweatshirt on his Blue Angels turf during any football games.


Summer Love #5: Forbidden Fella

Summer sure has a way of making us act a li'l carefree, huh? And suddenly you've fallen for your BGF, your BFF's ex-BF, the notorious bad boy or your bestie's older bro. Eek!

This situation has the potential to be perf so long as you two aren't TOO Romeo and Juliet. As in, he just broke up with your bestie, he's more than three years older or if he's into some sketchy stuff. And if it's your BGF? Weigh out the pros and cons before you sail into anything serious. The fireworks could've just made ya a little lightheaded.



by Cait Rohan | 2/1/2016
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