Jealous of his GF

I’ve got a prob. I am starting to like my BFF (who is a boy) a lot. We have been tight for a year. I wish I could tell him my feelings, but I am really shy and he just got a new girlfriend.

I don’t like his girlfriend, in fact I am pretty jealous of her. He looks at me funny whenever he is with her around me (maybe he can see the smoke coming out of my ears...LOL!). I wish I could get over my feelings and just be his friend again, but it’s not what I really want. Gosh, I am so confused. Help?!

    -Vamp Girl

Dear Vamp Girl,

When your BFF is a guy, it’s pretty easy to start crushing on him. You already know that you love to do the same things and love to spend time together, which is everything you want in a BF. You have to decide if you really do like him or if you’re jealous that he has devoted his time to another girl. Girls even get jealous when their girl BFF finds a new guy.

If your feelings are 100% true, then you need to evaluate if you would rather be his GF than his BFF. Once you get together, the friendship will change. If you break up, you might lose your BFF. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

For now, try talking to him about you feelings in private. He is your friend, so he should be able to listen. It might make things weird and uncomfortable for a little while, but let him have his space to think. He might not just instantly dump his GF, but at least he’ll know how you feel. Don’t try to end his new relationship either. That might hurt your friendship. Just be nice to the new girl. If he doesn’t have the same feelings about you, it will hurt for awhile, but at least you have a BFF and try to find a new cutie to crush on.

Love ya,

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8/17/2009 10:43:00 AM
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