Kiss on cue

We were having auditions today for choir for our spring musical. Well, I was trying out for the main girl part and there was this cute guy who was trying out for the main guy part. Our choir director had us sing together and do the acting together plus dancing (as the scene called for it). The guy was supposed to kiss the girl right at the end of the song. Well, no one expected him to kiss me even though he would in the play. But right when the song ended he leaned in and gave me a very romantic kiss on the cheek. Everyone started to clap and whoop and cheer. I looked at him and whispered, "You didn't have to do that." He said back while smiling, "Yes I did," I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of class. After class he asked me out! Of course I said yes! :)

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by GL reader | 2/1/2016