After what this guy did, he deserves a dumping

So my long-distance BF of two years (we met at camp) went to a party with his friends over the weekend. There, his buddies thought it would be funny to change and switch around all the names in his contacts. I texted him saying hey and he replied with, "Sorry who is this? Someone changed all the names of my contacts." Even though he should have had my number memorized by now, I said, "It's your GF." He replied, "Oh hi, Kelsey, I can't wait to see you tonight..." I replied, "Um babe, this isn't Kelsey... Who is she?!" He replied, "Crap, I'm so sorry! Kelsey is no one."

I won't go on with how the rest of the conversation went, but let's just say we're no longer together.

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by GL | 9/17/2019