This girl did something super daring with a handwritten note

The other day I gave the guy I like a note asking him out because I thought he liked me too and he's really nice. The note basically said, "Will u go out with me?" and at the bottom of the note were three boxes to check. One said "yes," one said "no" and one said "let's stay friends." Later that day in biology I heard a few of his friends saying my crush got asked out by a girl with blonde curly hair—that's me! I sit right behind them and I started to freak out. One of them asked what the girl's name was, but apparently my crush didn't tell them it was me. I thought I would get the note back from my crush later that day but I never did! I have a class with him and now it's really awkward. I mean, he could have at the *very* least checked the friends box—seriously!

Photo credit: World of Female

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by GL | 1/8/2017
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