5 totally cute ways to DIY your iPhone case


{realted} Obsessed with phone cases but don't want to spend major bucks? Why not glam up your iPhone yourself and get crafty? From girly floral prints to Aztec colored stripes, we've got a roundup of the coolest DIY case tutorials that'll make your phone just as cute as your outfit. 


  • 1_sharpieheaven.png

    Multi-color madness

    Turn a boring white phone case into the most unique cover ever with sharpies! The tribal pattern and all the colorful details will totally brigthen up your day.

    Learn how to master this design HERE

  • 2_glitter.png

    Glitter queen

    Glitter is the ultimate craft supply, and now you can cover your phone with it! We know, it sounds messy, but the trick to this craft is putting the glitter on the inside of a clear case. Paint a solid color on top, and when you flip it over you’ll have a shiny new case that doesn’t leave glitter behind everywhere you go. 

    Learn how to master this design HERE 


  • 3_flowers.png

    Flower power 

    OMG. Could this be any prettier? This DIY requires a little extra effort, but it’s totally worth it! To make your case more "fall", try using some darker colored flowers or even some autumn leaves from your backyard! 

    Learn how to master this design HERE 

  • 4_lost.png

    No longer lost

    This DIY uses old maps (yes, paper maps) to give your phone an edgy, colorful, world traveler vibe. Whether it’s a map of your city, or even the subway system, you’ll definitely stand out, plus you'll always know where you’re going!

    Learn how to master the design HERE

  • 5_photocollage.png

    One-of-a-kind photo collage

    It doesn’t get more personalized than this. Whether it’s magazine clippings or your own pics, turn your phone case into a collage of all of your favorite things.

    Learn how to master the design HERE 


by Cheyenne Dermody | 2/1/2016
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