Three styles to spice up your sneakers


Tired of your old boring sneaks? Then get ready to get crafty. With these DIYs, your shoes will be one-of-a-kind—and like a whole new pair of shoes.

Add a little edge

Adding studs to your duds will give you a super femme but fierce look. It's pretty easy to do and you can make your own designs. Whether you spike up the sides of your shoe, the plastic toe or in a single line down the back, this look is sure to catch some eyes.

What you'll need: shoe • flat back pyramid studs (easier to apply) • heavy duty glue


1. Make sure you have enough flat back studs to cover the area of your shoe depending on the design you've come up with. Then, take this project outdoors if it's nice or to a well-ventilated area.

2. Apply the heavy duty glue onto the back of the flat back stud and stick it onto the shoe. No matter which design you choose, start from the bottom and work your way up.

3. After you're done, let the glue dry for a full 24 hours—and then feel free to rock them as often as you want. Just make sure to save some studs in case any fall off.

Tutorial and photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

Fancy it up with some fabric


Fabric can add a pop of color to any shoe, or just give an old pair a new makeover. Add a personal touch that no one else at school will have.

What you'll need: shoe (sneaker with a tongue) • paint brush • scissors • fabric of choice • glue or mod podge


1. First, remove the laces from your shoe so they don't get in the way.

2. Measure and then cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the tongue of the shoe.

3. Using a clean paint brush, apply the glue or mod podge to the tongue of the shoe.

4. Carefully place your fabric on the tongue, smoothing out any bubbles as you go and wrapping the extra material around the back of the tongue.

5. Use your glue and paint brush to secure the extra fabric at the back of the tongue.

6. Allow the glue to dry fully before you lace your sneaks back up and try 'em on. Looking good, girl!

Tutorial and photo credit: A Little Craft in your Day

The glitz and the glam


Sparkle up your street shoes with some glitter. This DIY dresses up any old pair into a new chic and shiny statement.

What you'll need: sneaker • mod podge • glitter (your choice of color) • newspaper • bowl • paint brush • clear coat spray paint


1. Lay some newspaper down to start with—things can get quite messy when glitter is involved.

2. Pour some mod podge into a bowl, then use your paint brush to mix glitter in for a 2:1 mod podge to glitter ratio.

3. Paint your glitter-mod podge onto your shoe, starting with a thin coat so it doesn't get chunky.

6. After the thin layer is applied, poor a small amount of glitter directly onto your shoe where you see white spots. They'll stick to the mod podge and cover them up.

7. Clean off any excess glitter with a damp pamper towel or wash cloth, then spray your new sneakers with a clear coat of spray paint to keep the glitter on and sparkly. Then get tready to shine.

Tutorial and photo credit: Vingle 

How do you spice up your sneakers, GL girls?

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by Lyra Dautaj | 4/4/2016