Pinterest-ify your room with these DIYs


Chances are if you have a Pinterest account, you have a board entitled “My Dream Bedroom.” We think it’s time to stop pining after that ideal room and make it a reality! With these easy, affordable and cute DIYS, you can spruce up your room in no time at all. Here’s how to Pinterest-ify your room.


Painted Rock Cacti

What you’ll need:

Medium sized river rocks
Small pebble sized rocks
White and green acrylic paint
Mini pots or planters


1. Paint your medium sized river rocks with the green acrylic paint and let dry overnight. You can use different shades of green for variety amongst your plants.

2. Once dry, paint small dots, stripes and x’s onto your green rocks to mimic the spines. Paint designs on one side of your rocks and let dry. Then flip over and paint the other side. Let dry.

3. Fill your pots with the pebbles and arrange your cacti rocks however you please. A cluster of these would look so cute on a desk - insta indoor garden!

Tutorial and photo credit: Salt and Pepper Moms


Ombre Floral Monogrammed Letter

What you’ll need:

Wooden letter(s) 
3 shades of yarn in the same color family
Craft glue or double stick tape
Fake flowers or floral embellishments


1. Apply glue or double stick tape in small sections to the front and back of your letter. Start wrapping the lightest shade of yarn horizontally. Add more glue or tape when you near the end of the section.

2. When you’re done wrapping about ⅓ of the letter, you can switch the to the medium shade of yarn. Leave the end of the lightest shade long - you can trim it later. Now continue to glue or tape and wrap with the new color.

3. After you’re done with ⅔ of the letter, switch to the darkest shade of yarn. Again, leave the ends of the medium shade long. When you’re done wrapping the whole letter, let the letter dry overnight.

4. Trim the ends of the yarn and glue on your fake flowers or floral embellishments.

5. You now have a super cute and easy ombre letter! You can even make several of these to spell out your name or a favorite word. We love to hang them on our wall or stack them on a shelf.

Tutorial and photo credit: Catch My Party


Hanging Photo Mobile

What you'll need:  

Stick or wooden dowel
Photos of your choice
Hole punch
String or yarn


1. Measure out four or five pieces of string, depending on how many columns of photos you want hanging. You can cut them as long or short as you’d like - longer for more photos, shorter for fewer photos. Tie these to the stick or wooden dowel.

2. Cut your photos into uniform shapes if they’re not already. We like squares for a clean look.

3. Punch holes into the top and bottom of each photo.

4. Thread your string or yarn through the top hole of the first photo and tie a knot. Then thread it through the bottom hole and tie another knot. Repeat until you have strung and knotted all of your photos.

5. Adjust the strings so that each column is spaced evenly from the other and you have a super cute photo display!

Tutorial and photo credit: Society 19


Wood Block Wall Art

What you’ll need:

Wood squares
Acrylic paint (colors of your choice)
Mod Podge
Images printed on photo paper
Glitter paint top coat (optional)


1. Paint your wood squares with the acrylic paint so that the color is opaque. Don’t forget the sides!

2. Let the wood dry completely on newspaper. After, you can add a glitter top coat if you’d like your background to be sparkly.

3. Cut out your images. We like animals, flowers, or insects for a themed set. Apply Mod Podge to the back of your cut-out image and press it firmly onto the wood. Smooth out the edges and let it dry.

4. Once dry, coat your block in Mod Podge. Again, don’t forget the sides.

5. Let the squares dry and voila! You have some gorgeous new wall art.

Tutorial and credit: Alice and Lois

What kinds of DIYs do you like to do, GL girls? Share in the comments below!

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by Morgan Ome | 8/22/2016