Make your bedroom sparkle in sequin style

Do you love shimmer and sparkle? Give your bedroom a makeover with a DIY sequin craft that glistens with glitter and glamour.

What you'll need: cardboard letter(s), paint, sequins, sequin pins, thimble, and paint brushes/sponges


1. Decide what you want your letters to say. Do you want to keep it simple with the first letter of your name or your initials? Would you rather try out a full word or quote? The choice is yours!

2. Using your favorite colors, paint each of your letters. Be sure to give your letters the proper time to dry once they are painted.

3. Lay the sequins out on each of the letters. Decide what color sequins you want to use and the type of sequin designs you want your letters to have.

4. Poke each of the sequins securely into place on the letter with a sequin pin. Protect the finger you are using with a thimble as you insert each of the sequin pins into the sequins and through the cardboard letter.

5. Once all of the sequins are attached with sequin pins, your dazzling DIY is done. Display this project in your fave spot for a super chic accent!

Tutorial: POPCOSMO

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by Megan Holt | 7/25/2016