Everyone will want this DIY charging holder


Are you tired of leaving your phone on the ground when you charge that battery back up? With this DIY, you’ll never have to worry about someone stepping on your phone again. Convenient and cute, this charging holder can be put in any room to add some extra pizazz! And the best part? We’re pretty sure you already have all the materials you need right in your house.

What you’ll need:

Empty shampoo or lotion bottle
Permanent marker
Liquid glue
Any patterned fabric


1. Wash out your shampoo or lotion bottle really well. Make sure there’s no product left in the bottle.

2. Take the cap and all the stickers off your bottle.

3. Now it’s time for marking your cuts with a permanent marker. Keep the bottom half of the bottle just how it is, but mark the top so that there’s a small tab sticking out. This is where the plug will go into the wall. Don’t forget to make a square mark for the actual hole!

4. Carefully cut along your lines. Cutting through a plastic bottle can be hard, so if you need help ask a parent!

5. Lay your fabric face down and start painting on the glue to the outside of the bottle. Try doing this in sections instead of all at once.

6. Smooth your fabric onto the bottle until the fabric covers it entirely.

7. Trim the extra fabric hanging off (including the hole) and let it dry for a few hours.

8. When it’s dry, try charging your phone with your adorable new DIY holder. How cute!

Photo Credit: Top Inspired


by Kristina Lee | 8/20/2016