Perfect DIY phone case & more with Disney's Bizaardvark stars

BIZAARDVARK - (Disney Channel/Eric McCandless)DEVORE LEDRIDGE 

Two of our favorite things at GL, Disney and DIY, come together through a new series of digital shorts. Disney’s newest live-action comedy Bizaardvark follows best friends, Paige (Olivia Rodrigo) and Frankie (Madison Hu), as they set out to take over the blogosphere with their offbeat music comedy channel. The girls along with their fellow vloggers, Amelia (DeVore Ledridge) and Dirk (Jake Paul), will be featured in Disney’s new series of digital shorts available online or on the Disney Channel App.

The first set features Amelia explaining the easy breezy steps to fun DIY projects on her vlog Perfect Perfection with Amelia. In the first short, Amelia demonstrates how to transform a boring clear case using simple household materials into an adorable accessory for your cell. DeVore reveals, "Amelia is a DIY Diva so her style has lots of sparkle and embellishments. Her style is also very precise and uncluttered…perfect perfection! My style is more urban chic, layering elements or colors that don’t match. It's more of a unique piece of urban art."


DeVore's insider tip: "Decorate your phone charger to match your case. This way it will be easier for you to keep track when your friends want to borrow your charger."  


Olivia on her fun mistake, "When I glued the magazine clippings on the case, I glued everything on upside down.  I had to peel everything off and start over. I won't make that mistake again." 


Bizzardvark stars DeVore, Madison and Olivia each did their own fab take on the DIY project and we're obsessed with the results. Who knew they were such craft queens?!

Olivia and Madison's characters Paige and Frankie will be taking on popular video trends in the next set of digital shorts. Learn how to glam up your phone below and keep an eye out for Amelia’s next project.  

What do you think of Amelia’s tutorial? Let us know in the comments (and post pics if you try it yourself)!


by Maddie Smith | 9/22/2016