Halloween just got a whole lot more tropical


A sure sign that Halloween is around the corner is seeing jack-o'-lanterns on everyone's front porches. The faces can be intricate or simple, happy or sad, scary or silly and have become a sign of the holiday along with candy corn and haunted houses. But sometimes, carving a pumpkin *every* year gets old. The new pineapple carving trend is the perfect way to change things up this year and make the trick-or-treaters do a double take at your door.

It sounds a little strange but hear us out: Spongebob’s favorite fruit is a perfect substitute for a pumpkin. The spikey texture is basically built-in crazy hair and makes it super spooky, especially when lit up with a candle. And the actual process of carving a pineapple is not that different from that of carving a pumpkin. Create your own boo-tiful pineapple jack-o'-lantern with these four simple steps (or just watch the video below!).

What you’ll need:

Large and small knife
Cutting board
Pineapple corer (optional)
Small candle (battery powered or normal)


1. Cut top off of pineapple and set aside for later.

2. Use either a pineapple corer or a large knife to hollow out the pineapple. Tip: If you're using a knife, cut the center into 4 pieces to make it easier to remove the core.

3. Use the small knife to cut out the eyes and mouth in the center of the pineapple’s side using whatever design you want.

4. Place the candle inside the fruit and put the pineapple top back on.

Which jack-o'-lantern do you think is creepier: pumpkin or pineapple? Let us know below!

Photo credit: Instagram.


by Maddie Smith | 10/22/2016