5 DIY Mother's Day gifts your mom will love

Despite the ups and downs, your mom *always* has your backwhether it's a late night pep talk about boys or a ride to the mall. Here are five super simple DIY's to show your mom you care this Mother's Dayno art skills required!!

For the mom who's addicted to coffee

You'll need:

 - White ceramic mug
- Ceramic/glass paint marker
- An oven 

Directions: Wash and dry the mug, then use the markers to draw your design on to the mug. You can use a quote, her name or a cute design (here are some ideas if you're stumped). Let your design dry for a few hours and then bake your mug in the oven at 375 degrees for 40 minutes. 

Tutorial credit: Gimme Some Oven.

For the mom who loves sentimental gifts

You'll need:

- Mason jar
- Paint (any color you want!)
- Paint brush
- Your fave pic of your mom and you
- Painter's tape
- Clear spray paint or Mod Podge

Directions: Use painter's tape to block out a square where your picture will be (you can use decorative edge scissors to create a cool border like the one pictured). Next, paint the mason jar and immediately remove the tape (leaving a clear space on the mason jar). Let it dry, and then tape your picture to the inside of the mason jar where the clear space is. Give the jar a spray of clear paint or Mod Podge to ensure that the paint wont chip and allow it to dry. Then fill it with some fake flowers and you have an *adorable* personalized gift.

Tutorial credit: Home Stories.

For the mom on the go

You'll need:

- White tote bag
- Fabric dye (any color!)
- A bucket

Directions: Follow the instructions on the back of your fabric dye and pour it into a bucket of hot water. Wet your tote bag with clean water from the sink and then lower the bag into the dye as far up as you want the ombre to begin leaving it hanging in the bucket from a clip. Every few minutes, lift the bag up a little higher (1-2 inches) so that each section gets progressively darker as it goes down (creating the ombre effect). Leave the bottom few inches in for a little extra time and then allow the bag to dip dry. Once it's partially dry, rinse the bag with cold water until the water runs clear. Make sure you rinse the bag from the top down so dye doesn't get on the handles! Finally, toss the tote into the washing machine.

Tutorial credit: Hi Sugar Plum.

For the mom who needs a spa day

You'll need:

- Outdoor rubber mat
- Smooth ocean or river stones
- Clear waterproof silicone sealer or hot glue
- Plastic drop cloth or old shower curtain

Directions: Lay the drop cloth or old shower curtain down as your workspace. Next, lay out the mat and arrange the stones so that they cover the mat and all fit together nicely (it's like putting together a puzzle!). Once you have the stones arranged, start at one corner and add some silicone sealer or hot glue to the stone and hold it in place one the mat for a few seconds and repeat with the remaining stones. Wait 24 hours before moving the mat to ensure that it's dry.

Tutorial credit: Tattooed Martha.

For the mom with a sweet tooth

You'll need:

- Plastic organizer box (for beads or jewelry)
- Ribbon
- Her favorite candy and chocolate
- An index card 

Directions: Fill the box with her favorite candy and chocolate. Write a cute note or tag that says "Mom's Emergency Stash" like in the picture and hole punch it. Next, tie the tag on to the box with ribbon. 

Tutorial credit: Eighteen 25.

How do you plan on celebrating with your mom? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Shiran Zecharya | 4/29/2017