Get #roomgoals with this trendy DIY pillowcase


Each year as we get older we get a little more in tune with ourselves and our personal tastes. It shows in the clothes we wear, the things we eat and especially in our own bedrooms. At six years old, everything in our rooms had to be pink and purple...but now we're all about sophisticated grey vibes with a hint of blue for contrast. If you're in need of some inexpensive ideas to update your living space to best represent your current taste, try starting with your pillows with this fun shibori tie-dye DIY.

What you'll need:

- RIT liquid dye (get a darker and lighter shade of your desired color, in this case navy and denim blue were used)
- 2 buckets
- Flour sack towels
- Rubber bands
- Gloves
- Wooden sticks
- Clothespins
- Stick to stir
- Foam board (cut to small squares for the square pattern pillows)


1. Prepare your dye according to the description on your RIT bottle. Put each color in separate buckets.

2. Now you have to manipulate your fabric based on what effect you want. Check out the directions here.

3. Once you have your textile or towels folded and twisted, make them wet by dunking them in a bucket of water or running them under a faucet.

4. Put your wet textiles into the buckets and stir them well making sure that the dye gets all over your textile.

5. Leave the fabric in the dye for at least 10 minutes (for darker results you should leave it in longer).

6. After 10 minutes rinse textile thoroughly. Remove the rubber bands and let air dry.

7. Sew the three sides together to form the pillow case. Another option is to sew two sides together and create tassels on the open ends to tie the case over the pillow.

We'd love to hear what other ways you personalize your room...comment below!

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Tutorial credit: Place of My Taste.

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by Karlyn Sykes | 5/16/2017