How to make your own homecoming dress from a teen fashion designer



Picking out the perfect dress for homecoming is tough. You want something super cute and stylish...but also something that 20 other girls aren't wearing. The only *real* way to guarantee your dress is one-of-a-kind? Making it yourself.

Sounds scary but we promise, it doesn't have to be. Just take it from 16-year-old Miranda Hanson. She sewed her own homecoming dress...and ones for 12 of her friends (!!). Oh yeah, and then went on to showcase her amaze dresses at Omaha Fashion Week in August. Now the girl who's a fashion force to be reckoned with is sharing her secrets so *you* can follow in her frock-forming footsteps. 


Peep Miranda's top tips for DIY dress success, then get ready to rock your homemade—and haute—hoco dress at the big dance. P.S.: If you're not a seasoned seamstress, these pretty patterns from Simplicity are the answer to every beginner's design dreams.

1. Watch YouTube videos.
"I first taught myself how to sew by watching YouTube videos when I was eight years old," reveals Miranda. She adds that while learning from someone more experienced (she had some help from her grandma) is a big bonus, there are *so* many great vids online that will teach you all the techniques through easy-to-follow tutorials. Aka you can become skilled at stitching at home (score!).

2. Find inspo everywhere.
Whether it's Pinterest, Instagram or the pages of a magazine, you can gather ideas for your design anywhere. (That caramel hue of your fave Starbucks latte = a gorg color for your gown, for example.) Miranda explains, "I get inspiration from the things around me, from what other designers are doing and just from thinking up ideas and letting them evolve into something unique."


3. Stick to what you love.
It might be tempting to try to recreate the latest trends (and if that's what you're into, go for it!)—however, a *real* designer knows it's best to follow her own gut. Miranda admits staying true to yourself is one of the biggest challenges but also notes it's totally worth it if you do. After all, that's how she came up with her fave dress yet: the white denim evening gown with floral embroidery and blue satin lining pictured above.

4. But don't be afraid to experiment, too. 
Sometimes your best ideas are the ones that seem a little too out-there so feel free to get creative and play around with fun accessories and embellishments. That rainbow pom pom-covered bodice could turn out super cute, trust. 

5. Be patient. 
Expecting to nail your dress the first time = not so realistic. "You will constantly have to take entire sections apart and put them back together, or start over completely because it isn't turning out the way you wanted it to," warns Miranda. Accept it as part of the process instead of getting frustrated, or worse, giving up. Pro tip: Laying everything out ahead of time can help reduce redo's.

Have you ever made a piece of clothing? Tell us your talent below! 

by Amanda Tarlton | 10/5/2017
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