Our top 5 fave fall DIYs to make this week

Fall is officially here and we love *everything* about the season, from the changing colours to cozy clothes to, of course, our PSLs. Now, your summer savings could go to new fall-inspired clothing and room décor...or you could save money and score one-of- a-kind style with DIYs! Grab some inspo down below.

‘Mummify’ your bed with a mummy throw pillow
Equal parts spooky and adorable, this decorative pillow is simple to make and a great way to get your room Halloween ready.

Make noise with a statement flannel
Flannels are one of our fave clothing items. They are especially perfect for wearing as a transition-to-fall layering piece. Have an old flannel in your closet that needs an upgrade this season? Grab some fabric paint, paint brushes and letter stencils and make your very own statement flannel.

DIY fall wall art with Niki, Gabi and Beth!
Invite your girls over for an afternoon of painting *and* score some awesome art for your walls! You don’t need to be a Picasso for this DIY–as long as you’re sharing plenty of laughs and getting creative like Niki, Gabi and Bethany are in this video, the finished product will be a total keepsake.

Make your own fall-themed phone case
Are you one of those people who buys *way* too many phone cases to fit every mood? Here’s a trick: Get a clear case, print out any photo or design from the Internet, cut the paper to fit the dimensions of the case and tape it on the inside. (For smaller photos, use Mod Podge instead to avoid having visible tape.) Bam–you can swap out the look at any time and even make ones for your friends! Tumblr has *tons* of fall lock-screens that can double as photos for your case.

Pull it all together with Jeanine’s room décor vid
Talk about fall #roomgoals! Texas-bred YouTuber Jeanine Amapola shows you how to make your living space match the season in this kick-off to her #FallingWithJeanine series. We can’t wait to DIY her lit-up headboard and scarves basket. For the final touch, add your mummy pillow and wall art and voila.

Which DIY you are most excited to make? Tell us below!

by Angela McLean | 10/2/2017
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