DIY the *perfect* pom poms


ICYMI, pom poms are a *pretty* big deal this season (just peep our fashion story in the December/January 2018 issue for proof). We love them on everything from beanies to scarves to keychains to, yes, even shoes. And no matter your pom pom preference, you can now make your own fab fluffs at home with this pom pom and tassel maker from Boye (yep, it makes tassels, too!).

The v. cool tool is super easy to use (so even a total beginner can be a poof-making pro) and you can customize it to make whatever size pom pom you want. Simply follow the steps below (CLICK HERE to snag your pom maker), then get creative with your finished fluffs. Pom pom purse, anyone?

You'll need:

+ A skein of yarn in your fave color
+ Boye pom pom and tassel maker
+ Scissors


1. Pick which size arch you want to use (the bigger the arch, the bigger the pom pom). Place one end of your yarn into the left notch and wrap around the front notches to the back.


2. Wrap your yarn back to the front and begin wrapping around the arch. Continue until the yarn completely fills the underside. 

3. Cut the yarn from the front notch to release your core string. Pull it forward then tie to the string on the left side in a double knot, securing the pom pom.


4. Now cut along the arch, using the channel as a guide.


5. Release the pom pom from the tool and trim any longer or unruly strands to shape the perfect pom. 

What's your favorite pom pom accessory? Tell us in the comments! 

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by Amanda Tarlton | 11/10/2017
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