DIY Pop-Tart pillows for the foodie in your life

We all know Pop-Tarts are a fun, sweet treat. But did you know they double as a fun, sweet craft too? These DIY Pop-Tart pillows are the perf accent for any room, whether that be your foodie BFF's bedroom or your own—because who doesn't love a playful decor accessory?!

What you'll need:
+ Pencil
+ Tan felt
+ Fabric scissors
+ Fabric glue
+ Light pink felt
+ Cotton stuffing
+ Mini pom poms
+ Beige yarn

1. Draw two rectangles (can be any size as long as it's the same size) onto the tan felt. With your fabric scissors, cut out the two pieces and place them on top of each other. (This will be your "crust.")
2. Glue the two tan pieces together, leaving one side open for stuffing.
3. With the pink felt, cut out a smaller rectangle than the "crust." (This will be your "icing.") You want about a 3-inch border of the "crust" showing.
4. Glue your icing to the middle of your "crust."
5. Fill the inside of your pillow with cotton stuffing and glue the opening shut.
6. Now it's time to decorate! Glue the mini pom poms to the top of your Pop-Tart. You can use as many or as little, and there's no pattern needed. (These will serve as your "sprinkles.")
7. If you want to get super detailed, cut 1/4" inch pieces of yarn and glue (evenly spaced) around the edges of the "crust."

Viola—a perfect, pretty Pop-Tart pillow.

Tell us in the comments below, what are your favorite Pop-Tart flavors?

Tutorial via Aww Sam


by Alyshia Hull | 1/20/2020
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