How to make a cute and funny floormat

Are you ready for something new and totally faboulous to spruce up your space? Try revamping your bedroom with these cute and funny DIY floormats. Let your li'l bro, friends or 'rents know *exactly* how you're feeling. Who knows, they may very well come back with pizza. Read on for directions and cute phrase inspo.

You'll need:
+ Computer
+ Printer
+ Plain floormat
+ Newspaper
+ Painters tape
+ Exacto knife
+ Sponge brush
+ Ink (your choice of color!)

1. First things first, you will need to make a template on your computer. On Microsoft word, or a similar program, you will set your template to landscape mode. You will then decide what you want your mat to say.
2. Select your font and font size. (The bigger the font, the bigger it will appear on your mat). Feel free to go crazy with your type choices. But please, no comic sans!
3. Print out your template and set it aside.
4. Place your floormat on top of a few sheets of newspaper. Cover the floormat with your painters tape. Yup, the whole mat. (This will prevent excess ink from getting on your mat).
5. Place your letters onto your covered mat. You may want to use tape to secure the sheet in place.
6. With your exacto knife (and parents' permission!) carefully cut out your letters. You will want it to cut through the tape too. 
7. Dip your sponge brush into the ink and lightly dab the letters of your template.(It should work like a stencil).
8. For the best results, do more than one coat. We suggest three.

Need some phrase ideas? We've got you covered:

Carpet diem
For the girl who likes to cease the day, this one is for you and your fearless heart.

Turn off your straighter
Are you guilty of forgetting? Well, not anymore with this perf reminder. 

Hello gorgeous
Remind yourself every single day. Go ahead...You deserve to. 

Come back with pizza
Ahhh, pizza...No explanation needed here!

Hello, from the other side
For the Adele fans out there, this one is all yours.

Photo credit: Settling in Sawdust


by Alyshia Hull | 3/15/2018
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