This unicorn planter DIY is *so* adorable!

Did you hear? It's National Unicorn Day! This means it's time to celebrate with another fab, fun and *magical* DIY. A pretty and presh unicorn planter is the perfect craft for this holiday. Keep it for yourself, or gift it to a friend. The wish is yours for the making.

What you'll need:
+ Clay pot
+ White spray paint
+ Black sharpie pen
+ Pink marker
+ Hot glue gun
+ Paper flowers
+ Gold glitter paper
+ Succulent  plant
+ White rocks

1. First thing's first, spray paint the clay pot white. (We suggest doing this step outside.)
2. Once your pot is dry, draw the eye lashes on with your black sharpie.
3. With your pink marker, draw on two circles. (These will be the unicorns rosy cheeks). 
4. Carefully glue the paper flowers onto the top of your pot with your hot glue gun. (This will be a crown for your unicorn.)
5. Next, make the unicorn's horn with your gold glitter paper. Roll it into a cone shape and glue to the inside of the planter.
6. Finally, place your succeulent plant into your pot. Then add your rocks around it. 

Tell us in the comments below are you in love with the unicorn trend?

Photo + tutorial credit: Best Friends for Frosting


by Alyshia Hull | 4/9/2018
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