Celebrate World Book Day with a pretty DIY book planter

Did you know today is World Book Day? Which means we are celebrating with another *plant-astic*, page-turning DIY. Enter: this crafty, book planter. You can now turn your love for reading into a decoration for your shelves at home. Make it with an old classic...or with your childhood favorite. Whatever you decide, your book will be reimagined in a totally awesome way.

What you'll need:
+ A recycled Hard cover book
+ X-acto knife
+ Spray adhesive
+ Plastic container 
+ Rocks 
+ Soil
+ Plant succulents

How to make it:
1. With your parents help, carve out a rectangle in the middle of your book cover, using an x-acto knife.
2. Then carve out a rectangle in the middle of your book pages. (If they aren't even, it's okay because you will be filling them in later)
3. Glue the pages together.
4. Line the pages with a plastic container. (An old food container should work).
5. If needed, cut the container to fit. 
6. Layer the bottom with some rocks, soil, then add the plant succulents. Finally, add the rest of your rocks around the plant to keep it in place.

Tutorial and photo: Happily Dwell

Tell us in the comments below who is your favorite author? Make sure you tell them too.


by Alyshia Hull | 4/23/2018
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