Sweet summer DIY: popsicle phone case

What's a li'l sweet and super *cool*?  Our fave ice cream treats. Slide into summer with this popsicle phone case DIY that'll have us all screaming for ice cream. But don't worry, unlike a real popsicle, they won't melt! Try it out here:

What you'll need:
+ Ruler
+ Pencil
+ Circular item
+ Felt the color of your choice
+ Thred the color of your choice
+ Beige felt
+ Sewing machine

How to make it:
1. First, place your cell phone onto the cardboard. Now with your ruler trace your phone with your pencil, leaving the top of your phone open.
2. Next take your circular item and trace half of a circle onto the opening so that the new shape has one convex side.
3. Now cut the whole shape out.
4. You will then place your cut out shape onto your felt and trace it with your pencil. And repeat.
5. Cut the two shapes out.
6. Take your pencil and lightly draw two ovals onto the top of your popsicle.
7. You will then trace your two ovals with your sewing machine. 
8. Sew the shapes together. (It should look sock shaped.)
9. Take the beige felt and cut it into the shape of a popsicle stick.
10. Finally, fold the stick in half and sew it to the bottom of your popsicle, to act as a handle.

What popsicle flavor is your favorite?

Photo + tutorial credit:


by Alyshia Hull | 4/30/2018
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