5 *dazzling* ways to light up your room with fairy lights

We're so here for fairy lights. There is no better way to add a little glow to your room than some firefly-inspired lights. Here are 5 ways to light up your room with a simple string of bulbs...

Put 'em in mason jars
You can even decorate the mason jars with glitter or add some fake flowers. Find the DIY here.

Design a photo wall
Showcase some of your faovrite photos by clipping them onto a string of bulbs. The DIY is right here.

Light up your bed 
Hanging fairy lights above your bed is perfect for anyone who likes to get cozy with a book and some hot tea. The bookish how-to is right here.

Create a magical mirror
A full-length mirror is a must for every bedroom. Adding sparklers around your mirror will give you perfect selfie lighting all the time. DIY your looking glass now.

Make your tapestry really *glow* 
Surround your favorite tapestry with fairy lights to reall showcase it on your wall. The how-to is here. 

What's the vibe of your bedroom? Boho? Modern? Rustic? Share in the comments!

Photo credit: Pinterest


by Emily LoSasso | 7/20/2018