DIY V-Day gifts to make your besties and sweeties swoon

If you're like us, you *love* love. Maybe rom-coms are your fave movie genre, you're obsessed with the color pink or you just really enjoy reminding people you care about them. Whatever the reason, Valentine's Day is arguably the cutest holiday of the year, and you just can't get enough.

That said, it's also one of the priciest holidays out there. Stores start selling heart-shaped boxes of chocolate in January, and pretty much everywhere you look is covered in pink and red decor.

There has to be a way to get out of this without emptying your bank account, right? Right. Here are some of the cutest and most swoon-worthy DIY gifts that you can make for your BFFs and sweetie alike. Time to get crafty!

1. Heart friendship bracelet

It doesn't get sweeter than these DIY friendship bracelets that *look* like you bought them at Urban Outfitters. Who crafting can't be chic?

2. Candy box

“Nothing is as sweet as you”, and that’s the truth!  This DIY candy box is as simple as can be. From @mamamissblog #DIYcandy #DIYValentinesDay #ValentinesDay

If you want to get creative about giving boxes of candy this year, make it your own by using your babe's faves. They won't need a directory to pick around the pieces they don't like, and it'll show you've been paying attention.

3. String art heart

String art is both cute and creative. There are practically no words to describe how unique this is, and it's perf for the S.O. in your life. Fancy dinner? Mmm, pass!

4. Succulent gift boxes

These tiny, low-maintenance plants are *everything* right now, so why not share the love?

5. Unicorn bath bombs


Who doesn't love a little color? These bright bath bombs are the perf gift for anyone who w to wants kick back and relax on V-Day.

6. Hand-dyed bouquet


Love the idea of flowers, but don't want to get a generic bouquet? Get white flowers, soak the stems in food coloring and bask in the artful results.

7. Strawberry sugar scrub

strawberry sugar scrub

Self-care is so necessary and it certainly doesn't hurt to have a few more bath products on hand, especially if they're easy-to-make, adorbs and V-Day themed.

Not in the V-Day spirit? Check out these hilarious and perfect crush memes and get inspired to ask our your crush with these tracks.

What will you be gifting this Valentine's Day? Tell us your ideas below.

Photo credit: GIPHY, HGTV, Totally the Bomb


by Logan Potter | 1/19/2019