These 10 YouTube tutorials are prefect for a rainy day

Rained in? That’s OK, because these 10 YouTube tutorials will let you channel your inner LaurDIY and make you forget all about the gloomy weather. 

1. Become a beat master

Everyone's on different levels when it comes to applying makeup, but you can always discover new techniques. Press play and learn how to apply a full face of makup in less than 20 minutes. 

2. Learn spanish

This vid will lay out the basics of the Spanish lauguage and manners.

3. Dance it out

The rain shouldn’t stop you from being getting your sweat on, so move some couches around and learn how to dance ballet during your rainy day. This video shows you step-by-step moves so you can become a dancer for the afternoon.

4. Start painting

Who doesn’t love painting? It’s a great way to release your creative energy and, once you're done, you can decorate your walls with something you made yourself. Win win! 

5. Knit your heart out

This tutorial is amaze for beginners who know *nothing* about knitting. Start knitting now, and you could have an amaze sweater for your mom just in time for Christmas.

6. Try macrame

This DIY is *so* on trend! Macrame pieces are super expensive, so making one yourself is the best budget hack ever.

7. Spruce up your space

Want to learn how to turn basic household items into something more useful and stylish? This video shows you how. Thow on some cozy clothes you don't mind getting dirty, grab some scissors and get to work!

8. Master your mane

Want to jazz up your everyday pony? Follow this tutorial and you’ll be ready for the runway in no time.

9. Try pilates

The best thing about pilates is that it's meant to be done indoors. So you have no excuse not to get a workout in when it's raining. This tutorial tones and shapes your legs, butt and abs in only 20 minutes. YAS.

10. Become an IG queen

We all edit our Instagram why not become a master at it? Snag these tips from tips from YouTuber and Instagrammer Maggie MacDonald.

What will you do the next time you are rained-in?


by Taisha Khalil | 3/27/2019
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